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.: Innocence lost :. by SassyHonks .: Innocence lost :. by SassyHonks

NOTE: you may NOT use my images for basing,copying,tracing,altering,RPing, personal character pictures, commercial use, re-uploading etc. etc. Please respect me as an artist.

Another entry to my 100 theme challenge. The theme of this one is "Terrified".

Yayyyy! Etana is a cubbie. :D I even wrote a short backstory to this.

Though the smoke and ash were thick in the air, Etana searched blindly for her mother. The inferno had broken out in their lands after a rogue lighting bolt struck the dry grasses.

"Mom!" Etana choked out, her eyes squinting as the searched. She knew that if she found her mother, everything would be okay again.

Finally, the smoke cleared enough reveal a black form on the ground. The breeze brought the smell of her mom to her nose, and she rushed over.

"Mother! O-ohthankgod...I've found you!" She said with joy. But something was wrong. Her mother was still.

She crept closer to her mother. "M-mom?" she said shakily. Then, she could see and smell the burnt fur and flesh.

"No..No NO! Mom! Get up! You have to! You can't be...!!" She cried, but they were in vain. Her mother never rose. She collapsed onto her mother and sobbed. What would she do without her mother? She was just a cub! She couldn't care for herself!

"Hello...Little Etana." A sinister voice called.

Etana glanced up at the figure, and gasped. It was their pride leader. Fear crept into every fiber of her being. Why of all lions did this one have to find her?


Tools used:
GIMP 2.6
Sketchpad and pencil for the roughs.
Smoke texture

Time: Roughly 4 hours.

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LionessVitani Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
LionessVitani Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
¡Qué buen dibujo! Pero me dio pena la probre leoncita... ¿Qué le sucederá?
SassyHonks Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yo podría hacer una imagen que se explicará que :D
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December 25, 2012
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